Steps To Copying And Burning DVD Videos
You should have downloaded the utility programs by now.  There are many utility programs that can copy and burn dvds, but I feel the smartripper, dvdx, vcd imager, and cdrwin, are the easiester ones for ripping, encoding, and burning dvd videos to a cdr.

Also, make sure you have unzipped those utilities on your hardrive.  To do that you need to have a program like "winzip".     If you don't have winzip you can get it by clicking here

read the Overview of DVD's


There are several methods of being able to copy dvd video disks using your cd-r and burning to a cd-r disk.  To do this your computer must have both a dvd player to read dvd's and a cd-r (cd recordable) to burn onto a cd-r disk. 

Listed below are the steps needed to accomplish this. 

Step 1: Ripping The Video (using smartripper)

Step 2: Converting Ripped Files (using DVDx)

Step 3: Converting the Mpeg Files To VCD and Then Burning To CDR (using vcdeasy)