Steps To Copying And Burning DVD Videos
Step 1: Ripping Step-By-Step Instructions

Smartripper is a freeware and is one of the best utitlity programs for ripping dvd movies.  You can select which parts to rip including bonus tracks, menus, etc. 

1.  Make sure you put your DVD movie you want to copy in your DVD-ROM drive on your computer first.  Then use your dvd player utility that came with your dvd player on your computer and click play.  then you can stop the movie right away.    What this does is initilize the movie so that "smartripper" can unlock the aspi drivers to rip the movie.  (please note: if you get an error for can't locate aspi drivers or something similar, it means your movie isn't being detected in your dvd exit the smartripper, then load your movie into your dvd player utilitiy and hit the play button on the movie then hit stop...then load smartripper up again) 

2. Now load "Smart Ripper" 

3. "Smartripper" will scan your DVD drive for the movie you inserted and a screen will pop up near the top left side of your windows screen showing the files being loaded into smartripper. 
Then after the files are loaded, the main window will pop up (below) and you will see

 the whole movie loaded into the menu designated by what is called chapters.   By default all the chapters of the movie are checkmarked. So this means that the  whole movie is ready to be ripped.  However, if you want just parts of the movie copied you can deselect some of the chapters.   However, for now, lets just rip the whole movie so leave them all checked.  SmartRipper will automatically load in the whole movie into what is called "chapters" these chapters are segments of the movie. You will notice that by default all the chapters will be selected (illustration below) with a check box, which means the whole movie will be ready to burn. If you want to just copy a segment of a movie you can do that to by selecting the "none" button then clicking the chapters you want to "Rip". However for now let's justl leave them all checked so we can copy the whole movie. 

4.  Now select the target button and select a target directory on your hardrive to save your movie. You will see a file that comes up with  "vts_01"  for filename.  Now just find a folder you want to put your movie files in and select the save button.

6.  After you selected a Target Directory, the Start button will appear so just click on the "start" button.

7. Now the ripping  process will begin.

the ripping process will take 10 minutes to an hour or more depending on size of movie and speed of your computer. 
8. when finished, close smartripper then go to step 2 below (click the link below)

Step 2: Converting Ripped Files (using DVDx)